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Our Team.

Red Beach Media, a versatile and dynamic production company, boasts a talented team with a wealth of experience in various aspects of media production. This diverse team, with its rich backgrounds in national television news, digital media, live sports, reality TV, and film, brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the table. Known for working on a range of prominent projects across various networks, Red Beach Media distinguishes itself in the industry with its ability to adapt and excel in an ever-evolving media landscape. Their innovative approach to production combines traditional methods with cutting-edge techniques, ensuring content that resonates with modern audiences while maintaining high production values. This multifaceted expertise makes Red Beach Media a standout company, capable of handling a variety of media projects with exceptional skill and creativity.

Drew Berquist, a leader in both linear and digital production, has a multifaceted background as on-air talent and producer for networks like CRTV, BlazeTV, and OAN. His extensive experience in digital media, coupled with regular appearances on national news networks for commentary, is underpinned by his leadership and operational skills from his time with the CIA.

Drew Berquist

Tom Cunningham

Emmy-award-winning producer and director Tom Cunningham brings over 30 years of experience from reality shows to historical broadcast events. His journey through various iconic productions, like "COPS" and "The Amazing Race," highlights his versatility in creating content for both traditional broadcast and digital platforms.

David Janiczek

David Janiczek, a seasoned production professional, has a broad range of experience from camera operation to production. His portfolio includes work with NBC Sports, Fox Sports, and NASCAR, alongside contributions to feature films and documentaries, showcasing his adaptability across different media formats.

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